Saturday, February 13, 2010

Tote Bag made from an old T-Shirt

I have seen this done before & even found a few tutorials. All of the instructions I found online made a SIMPLE, 5 minute project , WAY to complicated. Most of my friends know I like quick, easy projects....that I can do in a day (or 10 minutes, really). I have no patience & can not wait to see the end result!

So here goes...

1. Find an old t-shirt
2. Cut off the sleeves
3. Cut around the neckline, a few inches from the collar (see pics)
4. Turn the entire thing inside out (or outside in if you are that kinda person)
5. Stitch 3 rows of straight stitched across the bottom, back stitching at each end
6. Stitch a row of zigzag stitches for extra stability
7. Turn right side out & YOU ARE DONE!

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