Sunday, January 17, 2010

Kitchen Cabinets

If you happened to read the last post, the felted wool purse was hopeless. My daughter is now using it to cart around the cat. Not sure if the cat or I are very happy, but my girl is...!

Onto this post, my cabinets. Once upon a time they were a VERY ugly "mapley" color, with a darker stain in the routed out bit. The wallpaper back splash was white with yellow flowers! Antique brass hardware and light fixtures. UGLY!

Well I had to redo on a budget & something I could do on my own. New wallpaper backsplash in tan and hunter green check, new light fixtures in antique rubbed bronze, and new cabinet hardware did the trick. That & the paint job!

Here is what I did:

*Sanded and cleaned all of the doors, drawers, and surrounds
*Let my kiddos go wild with chains, and a meat tenderizer (probably wasn't one of my better ideas)
*Gave each 2 coats of a cranberry/red paint (the cabinets, not the kids)
*Sanded, distressed, and cleaned again
*Rubbed, splattered, and dry brushed black stain on top of the red paint
*2 coats of poly

I probably spent $300 on the entire project. Not the choices I would have made with $15K, but hands down better than the before!

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