Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sweet Scarf

I think the rain has finally ended in GA, the kids are sleeping, and the washing machine is humming...perhaps I can finally get a few things done? I don't feel like a got much accomplished this weekend. I did, however, finish a sweet little scarf using left over Amy Butler fabric from a charm square pack. I used most of the squares to make a darling skirt, which my sweet girl refuses to wear! #$%^&@

Onto the scarf. The back of the scarf is remnants of a chenille bedspread that was slowly falling apart. (The remainder of the bedspread was turned into pillows!) I simply sewed a length of the squares together, added pom-pom fringe scraps, cut a length of chenille for the back, sewed right sides together leaving a hole for turning...and there you have it! Upon completion, I realized that white may not have been the best choice for a scarf. I am certain, that if Maggie ever decides to wear it, it will become a giant napkin? Oh well, it looks good on my porch post ;) !

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