Thursday, March 11, 2010

(Fresh) Trash 2 Treasure

First, the maple side table....a dumpster find....! Please note, I did not actually climb in the dumpster, the tables were sitting beside it. & A friend was kind enough to point them out to me :) ! I simply sanded the tables, painted a cream color, distressed some more, and wiped an ebony stain on top! 2 Free tables....check! They are going to the school auction later this month!

And now the ugly 80's mauve lamps. Same dumpster, well just beside it. First, as you can see in picture #1 above, I sanded the lamps. I then painted them white, too boring. I then wiped an ebony stain on top of the paint, to weird. Hmmmmmm.....decoupage will cover up all my mistakes!!! I used an old dictionary purchased at the Habitat Restore for $0.50. (knew it would come in handy!) Funky shades with black and khaki stripes, perfect match. Still think the shades need a great big colorful fabric flower? What do you think???? Lamps are also headed to the auction, sure hope they find a home!

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